Layer's not working properly


I might be missing something when when i go in the Layer Window, it shows the main layers, but not the items under each layer. This makes for super hard finding certain objects and all.This is what it looks like for me;


This is how CE’s is and what i would more less assume would be similar;


The first picture is what CRYENGINE used to have some time ago (pre 5.0). You can indeed not see or select objects that belong to a layer with this system. I guess the easiest way to replicate the new CE behavior in LY is to create parent entities and treat them as layers. This comes with an overhead but I figure some empty entities won’t impact performance in a noticeable way.

I’m guessing you could then create slices from those parent entities and thus use them in the same way as external layers, e.g. source control, collaboration.

Its not very helpful when you have thousands of items placed in the game, and it does not show the roads only objects placed.


I’m pretty sure the entity outliner is what you’re looking for. There’s no layer integration in the outliner itself, but that will show all the objects in the current level. I think the layers system is more of a legacy CryEngine feature left over, and therefore hasn’t been completely revamped yet.