Layers occasionally delete themselves with TrackView entities and slices don't like TrackView items very much at all

I’ve noticed something while working with lumberyard. Dangerously, if you save objects with TrackView properties to a layer it constantly goes “dirty” (meaning needs a save) after each Ctrl+G run because the properties in the trackview change (I’m presuming). In some occasions I’ve noticed suddenly a layer will get entirely deleted and I have to go into my autobackups to replace it again. Because of this I’ve had to remove all the items with trackview properties from layers.

I’ve also noticed that TrackView entities do not play nicely at all with slices. It works but constantly throws warnings about components not being attached and so forth. I haven’t encountered anything as serious as the layer-deleting bug.

But I haven’t seen this reported and I think it definitely deserves some looking considering that random deletions of things like that can really harm a project.

And I’ll further note one other thing that’s annoying. When I make modifications to a script canvas for a dynamic slice that I’m spawning, I’ll have to load another level and load back into the level because the inputs in the script canvas aren’t connecting so my spawned player doesn’t move around. Sometimes as well the script canvases will mysteriously detach themselves from the entity in the slice.

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Great Your Bugs Report , Yes , I saw this problem in LY 1.23-1.25 :white_check_mark:

I discovered for LY 1.25 :point_down: :wink:

I just wanted to add that, actually, it’s not necessarily TrackView components that throw off layers. I’ve had layers become occasionally corrupted and delete themselves before without trackview items. I have a layer with a lot of lights on it called “wall_lights” and it deleted itself and I had to recover it from an autobackup as well.

That makes me incredibly cautious about using layers.

Hi @wcb, thanks for bringing these bugs to our attention, do you have a series of steps we could use to reproduce the issue where a layer gets deleted unintentionally? Did it happen in a level where you were destroying dynamically spawned game objects?

No. I don’t know the circumstances other than the layers had entities with trackviews on them and constantly needed saving due to that. But it happened without that too so I’m not sure.

The only difference I noticed from my other layers is that it has an underscore in its name. “wall_lights”

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