Legacy version in 2021/how to manually install sdk

Is it possible to use an older version of lumberyard in 2021 like lets say 1.14 beta because im having problems signing in with it and how do I manually install all sdks

I do not know a direct way I believe you have to contact Amazon Lumberyard email for this, if you want something like 1.14 I cannot help, the farthest back I have is 1.22, if you want that it is here : 625.8 KB file on MEGA

Hmmm thanks but just out of curiosity how do I manually download the sdks and then again if I download v1.22 the setup assistant will have no problem downloading the required sdks and the editor would have no problem logging into my account?

Do you have the installer for v1.25 i think I wanna download that one

I do not, I have 1.24 and 1.26 not sure why I do not have 1.25 though.

So you have a copy of lumberyard perfect, meaning you’ve logged in could you pls check your registry which files the editor wrote so I can add them to mine, I currently have v1.14 and it for some reason cannot login to my account and the editor won’t open unless I log in

Well I do not have a copy of lumberyard since I moved to O3DE and uninstalled my lumberyard. I only have all the installation files from all the versions I used before O3DE came out.