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I am using Lumberyard to make a game and I would like to know how to code it so you start missions by getting a text message on a phone and then going to a location to do that mission. Any tips?

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Is the phone in-game (i.e. not a real-world phone that the player has in their pocket)? If it is in-game then you need to create a trigger event to send the message to the player, you need a way of showing the message to the player (e.g. a 3D model of a phone with the text message as a texture on the phone’s screen), and then you will need to have a trigger box (AKA ‘proximity trigger’) that the player enters to start the mission.

Things like trigger boxes are shown in the introductory guide over here:


Specifically, they are explained on this page:


However, I get the feeling from your question that you haven’t made many games before (my apologies if I’m wrong about that). Before you try to recreate Grand Theft Auto, I recommend trying to make something a lot more simple. Start really small, like a skittles game, and work your way up. If you aim big at the very start you’ll find yourself lost and probably achieve very little. Starting small will give you more of a chance to develop your skills and learn about logic flows, trigger boxes, state changes, HUD design, and more. It’s how most of the best game developers began. Good luck and I hope this was helpful :slight_smile: