Linux develop plataform

hi my question is: ¿why no launch the GE for linux? unity instead in linux

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Its based on in which the developer tools are windows based, I would suspect this to be the case, however they have said its coming.

Lumberyard developers, Please Support LINUX, I like to work on editor on linux too.

Thanks for letting us know
that Linux as a development platform is something that matters to you. We want to continue to
make Lumberyard available to more and more developers, and we’ve added it to our
list. Thanks again for sending us feedback!

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+1 for supporting linux. I will never ever use it if i cant run the editor on linux.

“Linux is the future of gaming.” -Gabe Newell

We need this, Amazon. I can compile graphics libraries with my own optimizations for Linux games- can you do that in Windows? Heck no you can’t. You can literally compile the entire Linux OS to be optimized for a specific CPU-GPU. You could never ever do that in Windows. Get the most of your hardware, game on Linux.