ListFleet returning 0

So i created a fleet on console it shows its status as Active, Instances 1, Servers active 1

But on my Unity Client application when i call ListFleet it shows as if there’s none, here’s my call:

Debug.Log("Request fleet list");
        var fleetsListRequest = new ListFleetsRequest();
        var fleetListTask = _amazonGameLiftClient.ListFleetsAsync(fleetsListRequest);
        ListFleetsResponse __listResponse = await fleetListTask;
        Debug.Log("Total fleets " + __listResponse.FleetIds.Count);
        if(fleetListTask != null)
            Debug.Log("Display fleets");

            foreach (var __fleet in __listResponse.FleetIds)

Also when i try to create a new CreateGameSession i get the expection saying that the fleetID requested for my userID does not exist.

I don’t know why is not finding my fleet, i checked the logedin id in a Debug.Log and it’s correct, i also checked cognito console and shows the user login. Does anyone have a clue as to what might be going on?

It turns out i created my fleet on SA and i was trying to get from SE :sweat_smile:

One thing to note is that you shouldn’t include AWS credentials in game clients, e.g. to call ListFleet. A bad actor could potentially steal those credentials and, at the very least, spam ListFleet calls to get your account throttled and deny access for other players.

You should instead create a backend service to call gamelift on your client’s behave. See:

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Thanks for the tip, i’ll do that.