lmbr_waf.bat suggestion


I see reoccuring questions here about lmbr_waf.bat. Maybe it’s a good idea to split up the help ‘–help’ into parts. The first part ‘–help’ would be an overview of the top level commands and another one would be ‘–help-detailed’ which lists everything.

After each error message display ‘use lmbr_waf.bat --help for more information’ and the ‘–help’ refers to the ‘–help-detailed’ option.

At the moment --help lists several pages of info and it’s easy to overlook something you’re looking for.

I don’t know how many here knows about ‘–show-option-dialog’

Excellent point @Nocturn — I’ve added this to our feedback list for further action from the team. /All, any additional thoughts to this topic? Do the current docs help to see the complete list for the moment?