Lmbr_waf not adding module to VS solution

so im trying to modify the CryAction game module thing, since i gather that is where the “FPS” mode for lumberyard lives, into something for rhythm games. I have copied the folder and removed what i didnt need (will update code to reflect it) and edited both the waf_files and wscript accordingly. Unfortuntely, every time i run lmbr_waf.bat configure it configures correctly n all but my modified cryaction module doesnt show… (note, i did change the name in wscript and waf_files from cryaction to avoid name clashing n all.)

Anyone have any ideas?

Figured it out.

Apparently you need to add your module to the following files that are found in the WAF>Specs folder at the root of the solution: all.json, dedicated_server.json and game_and_engine.json

Then just run lmbr_waf configure and you are good to go.

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