Loading Custom Asset when the editor loads

I have a custom asset type that is a list of items, and I am trying to figure the best way to load them in the editor, because I am trying to use them as data for many ComboBox within the my custom components. This asset needs to be global so I thought that I try use a SystemComponent and load the asset in the SystemComponent Activate function but the asset does not seem to be loaded.

AZ::Data::AssetType assetType(azrtti_typeid<GameItemsAsset>()); AZStd::string statPath = "Items/gameitems.items"; AZ::Data::AssetId GameItemsAssetId; AZ::Data::AssetCatalogRequestBus::BroadcastResult(GameItemsAssetId, &AZ::Data::AssetCatalogRequests::GetAssetIdByPath, statPath.c_str(), assetType, true); AZ::Data::AssetBus::Handler::BusConnect(GameItemsAssetId); m_gameItemsAsset = AZ::Data::AssetManager::Instance().GetAsset(GameItemsAssetId, assetType);
my OnAssetReady function never gets called and the AZ::vector is empty even thou that asset has one item in there.