Local project path - something like @projectroot@?

Hi there,

So, in VS I press play to run the Editor, but I want to send the path of a folder, located in my game project at run-time.

This are the current ones:

// @root@ To get to the folder where system.cfg lives
// @assets@ to get to the folder containing game assets (textures and such) - by default, this is @root@/Gamename/
// @devroot@ to get to source files that are checked into source control (PC EDITOR ONLY!)
// @engroot@ to get to path to the engine root folder
// @user@ to access user store
// @cache@ to access temporary cache
// @log@ to access log file and other forensic storage

Is there something like: @projectroot@ ?

Ref link of the documentation: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/lumberyard/latest/userguide/asset-pipeline-developers.html


Just if another person try to search for this. You need to open bootstrap.cfg and search for the value of sys_game_folder in order to get the name of the default project.