Logging solution for Unity3d?

What is a good logging solution to be able to read server logs in real time rather than only at the end of a successful session?

If you’re fine with only reading the most important parts of the log, you might want to try pushing those events to CloudWatch as custom Put Events.

Otherwise, I would just have a log handler backend (a serverless application might work really good here, even a Lambda and API Gateway set) and push the logs over HTTP to it.

It really depends on your needs, in the end.

I want full logging, I was looking into CloudWatch but am having trouble getting the aws core sdk to work in unity3d.

I can install it through nuget in visual studiuo stand alone but how do I get a .net 3.5 dll to add to unity plugins dir?

Hi @marcv2, what trouble are you running into with the aws core sdk on Unity?


Hi @marcv2, if you used NuGet to install the SDK the DLLs included will be the ‘Target framework’ version you specified in the project properties here:


If you want to grab the DLLs manually you can find the DotNet 3.5 version here:

  • .nuget\packages\AWSSDK.GameLift\\lib\net35

  • .nuget\packages\AWSSDK.Core\\lib\net35
    Or if you install the MSI with the default location you’ll find them here:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\AWS SDK for .NET\bin\Net35
    Hope that helps!


Error Could not install package ‘AWSSDK.Core’. You are trying to install this package into a project that targets ‘.NETFramework,Version=v3.5,Profile=Unity Subset v3.5’, but the package does not contain any assembly references or content files that are compatible with that framework. For more information, contact the package author.

Hi @marcv2, try installing the MSI from here:

does aws offer a dll that is .net 3.5 compatable but has up to date bug fixes?

I believe the DLLs installed by the MSI are up to date. What problem are you running into?

I got the msi dll to work, for some reason nuget didn’t install the version it said it did.

Are there any tutorials on how to setup a logging system with aws.core?

I still can not find any tutorials to write a single log message without log4net integration or the http api.

Hi @marcv2, log4net is the recommended AWS DotNet logging solution.

Good luck!


1:I do not know how to make the config load in unity. The problem with the higher level solutions you sugest is that if the tutorial is not made with unity in mind it will be 95% figure it out your self.

2: So all the tutorial omit security credentials. Are they not needed for aws server to aws server actions or am I just suppose to already know that?

I am trying to do exactly this. Do you happen to know where I find the right docs on the AWS site? I found how to send Metrics via PutMetricData, but this doesn’t seem to be the right API. Is there a special API for putting just simple log data?