Looking to create game

Hi, new here, an never got into coding. so i could use a lot of help, with creating a game in lumberyard, based on public domain superheroes, and our own created superheroes. i have the main script for how i want the game to be, and the story-line for nine expansions written. i would be willing to pay for help eventually, but until the game makes money couldn’t pay. we plan to sell the game for an initial 33 bucks, which includes one free month of gameplay, an 7.99 per month. so i would be willing to part with a portion/percentage of that to the right developer. it’s an mmorpg game. --Note: that i will not respond to those starting arguments about what is or supposedly isn’t public domain, like captain-marvel, his sister Mary-marvel, Blue-Beetle, Daredevil, (the Lev Gleason productions version) or phantom-lady. as they are legally public domain, and we “are” legally able to use our versions of them. i can be reached anytime at:

https://www.facebook.com/Mythology.Kingdom.Mkuii/ a page on facebook.

i’m mostly a night owl, and am up most nights, but can also be reached at times in the day.