Losing my script canvas window

Hi, I’m sure this will be simple for everyone, but it’s been causing me much anxiety.

I like having my script canvas window very close to the bottom minimized while testing my code, then i just maximize it to full screen to code. My problem is when I move it too far down it disappears on me and I can’t get it back.

I go to tools > script canvas and nothing comes up. It’s open somewhere, but I just can’t get to it. I’ve been having to close lumberyard and start it up again to get the window back. Any ideas what’s going on here? I can deal with it, but it’s super weird and rather frustrating when it happens, lol.

Honestly, I’d like to be able to make it into it’s own separate window that I can alt tab back and forth too. Perhaps there’s a way I can that I don’t know about?


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Hey @harry_gamble,
I noticed your issue and it sounds pretty familiar. I wanted to ask, what platform are you using? Also is this a new installation of Lumberyard? I was able to freshly install LY, load up the editor, open the script canvas window, put if off screen, and select script canvas again under tool menu to bring it back up. Could you tell me what your repro steps are for getting this to happen?

Warm Regards,
J Money

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What up @JMoney187? thanks for the reply!

Windows 10 and it is a fresh install of LY, I just started using it last week. After trying to reproduce the problem I seem to be able to hide the window under my windows task bar. It seems to happen when I get in a hurry and kinda throw the window down too far it ends up there. So the program says it’s open on the screen so it wont reopen, but I was able to pull my taskbar to the side of windows and pull the window up from there.

So I guess this becomes a non-issue. I just need to get another monitor, heh. Thanks again for trying to help me out, it actually lead me to seeing what was actually happening.

Good day!


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