Lua API Document and Lua Editor

Hi All,I’m new to lumberyard , and just learn it with tutorial . My question is where to open the lua editor ? And Where to find a lua interface api document ?? I search it both on net and editor ,all the result in web seems not available . .

Thanks a lot .

Try with this URL. Also might try clearing your cache…

Thanks a lot ,@Binky .I found the luaide.

I have been to this web site,not available for me .

Hi @Jeremy66 to open the Lua editor go to the same folder as the editor executable and open Luaide.exe.

As for the documentation, this is currently all the LUA documentation that is available but we will have more documentation with the next update coming very soon.

same result not found …

I try use,

but the web translate it to .

Try without the http:// and see if that works. You may also try clearing your cache. You might have that 404 page cached in there…