Lua debugger not working (cannot connect to Editor)


I have problem to connect LuaIDE to Editor:


Target list is empty (there is no Editor or any other instance at list) .Also buttons in red are not available. In GridHub/Grid Mate I see just 2 connections:

My configuration:

  • Lumberlyard (the same for

  • Windows 10 x64 Pro

  • Firrewall, Antivirus software and Defender is turrned off

Do you have any idea how to connect ?


Grid Mate startup logs: (16.2 KB) - and my spec.

I moved this thread to this one (to be continued):

The problem is some where at my side. I try it on a clean copy of Windows 10 at virtual machine and there is working. So I am going to reinstall my Windows at the moment. Thanks you for your helping, and sorry for problem from my side )


Re installation of Windows solve problem fore me :slight_smile: