Lua Debugging

Did someone manage to make this work?

I followed this guide step by step, so the debugger is attached to the editor.
But on Step 17 I am missing one important point:
That it is actual breaking when it ‘should’ hit the code.

I’ve been able to get it to debug, however it can be highly temperamental, not breaking when I want it to, unable to stop the debugger and return, etc.

I have found that breaking on an actual line of code does help, not an empty line.

I have a breakpoint on every line of code now. And it is clearly attached to the Editor and the editor console confirmed that it is attached.


Hey @Herpaderp, this is a known issue with 1.6 and should be addressed in 1.7 which comes out “very soon”.

This is the other thread that I did not see when I created this one.
Just in case someone searches for this topic to find the original thread.