Lua Editor - Auto Completion


I have a question regarding the lua editor.

Before I get to my question, I would like to say a good job on everything you have done so far with this engine. In the beginning, I wasn’t sure because the engine is new and there are still bugs in the engine, but you provide so much support and videos and the engine is growing so fast the right way. I’m happy I choose to stick with Amazon Lumberyard.

Ok so, I did a few things in Script Canvas and I love it. I think it’s somewhat intuitive but there are things that are simply easier to do with code. When the script canvas gets big, it gets a bit messy and that’s why I decided to give a go to lua editor. I’ve never done lua before

1) Is it possible to do auto-completion on ‘objects’ in lua? When I start writing on a new line, I get the autocompletion combo box

but when I write something like: self.

I get no combo box and I can’t see what are the available variables and functions. Can I configure this or it is not possible in lua?

2) Is there a guide on how to replace lua or script canvas with C++?

Considering I’ve done a lot of C++ in my life, would it be easier for me to go that route?

We have to recompile the engine everytime we do C++ however.

I found videos on how to create empty component:

But I found nothing to mimic script canvas or lua. I’m sure it is possible since… I mean we have the code of all the engine so it’s in there somewhere, but is it worth it to do C++ in general or should I look at C++ only to implement new component and add functionality to the engine?