Lua Editor non- responsive often

@Amonster_LMBR @BigMonet

I’m not seeing much help for editing lua ,as the lua editor takes far far too long to open, close and save, and I know its not my system.

Can someone pls answer as to why this is so,and if its just the beta thing,is this performant issue being worked on and any idea of a timeline for fix ?

I have no such issues, anywhere within UE4 and its not meant as a dig, just a reference to see its not my system.

Thank You


you are experiencing this issue. I am not too familiar with Lua but it’s opening fine on my machine and I have seen it working fine for others in the office. Attached is a small video that I just made. Are your results different?

Also, please give more details about what you are doing. Just saying that something is not responsive without steps to reproduce it makes things more difficult for us to help you in a
timely fashion. Here is an example of details that you can provide that will help us out a lot!

Lua Script Unresponsive in Lumberyard

  1. Add a new entity
  2. Add the Lua component to the entity
  3. When the Lua editor opens …
  4. Next…
  5. Then the product crashes
  6. I was expecting x to happen