LUA: How to connect to MultiplayerEvents

hey guys,

i want to write a ServerManager in LUA. The first thing i wanna know is if the current client hosts the session or not. I stumbled over the MultiplayerEvents in the EBuses-Tab in the LUA-Editor, but i can’t find any documentation about it how to use it. Just connecting to it and receive the notifications does not work for me. Is it even an normal EBus, because it has no “Bus” in its name? Can someone help me? :slight_smile:

Thanks in Advance


Something for us to look into - thanks for pointing this out!

You should pass a GridMate pointer but it isn’t clear how to pass it from lua so probably there is some issue with the api and it isn’t your fault , it just need to be fixed in the next version.Meanwhile you can fix it yourself or do a aimple wrapper bus in c++ if you cannot wait.

@Gamely is correct here. There is currently not a way to pass a GridMate pointer from LUA (a bus presently does not expose this functionality). It can be used in C++ and you can check out the Reacting to Session Events documentation for how to do just that. We’ll definitely take note of the feedback of wanting to set this up through LUA. Thanks!

Seconding a need for multiplayer setup through LUA scripting. I’ve seen this documentation page on networking, but haven’t seen anything else or any tutorial on how to set up events and such to be replicated.