Lua or C++? When to use which language?

Hi so I am new to Lumberyard but not to game development, I have been using Unity for the past year which only lets you program in C#. I was wondering if you could help me decide whether I should be using Lua or C++, I am on a 7 person team for a semester long school project.

I understand that Lua doesn’t require the engine to be recompiled and thus is faster to develop for, but C++ is much more performant and also used more in the actual game industry. Using both seems like too much time to keep switching. Does anyone have any recommendations/suggestions, and reasoning would be great!

Hi jacwilso. I think this question is individual for project and team. I haven’t team and i am using only C++, no Lua. it’s not about performance or some language better, just for me it more convenient and easy.


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i use both but there is a reason why there is lua built into the engine & it is for rapid development & i think reading & writing code is better than trying to fit, arrange, connect & figure out all them little boxes in the script canvas. Lua is a very fast language it was chosen by the devs at crytek for that reason & to speed up the development of their games, it can be hot loaded & the results can be seen almost instantly. i use C++ only if lua is to slow for what i want the engine to do for my game.

Hi @jacwilso

using of Script Canvas Amazon Lumberyard 1.18 , this language is powerful & fast , I publishing new video tutorials for Script Canvas
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