Lua PhysX RayCast

Hello, i’am more into programming than visual node scripting, so I wanted to implement some RayCast with WorldBodyRequestBus. But even calling this function, the result is always nil.
I don’t know the value for RayCastRequest.Collision and RayCastRequest.QueryType.
I dont want to use the legacy system, because it is deprecated. Somebody could help please.

local lRequest = RayCastRequest()

lRequest.Start = Transform.GetColumn(lRotation,3) + Vector3(0,0,0.5)

lRequest.Direction = lDown
lRequest.Distance = 500.0
lRequest.MaxResults = 1
lRequest.QueryType = 2

DebugDrawRequestBus.Broadcast.DrawRayLocationToDirection(Transform.GetColumn(lRotation,3) + Vector3(0,0,0.5),lDown,Color.ConstructFromValues(255,0,0,255),500.0)

local lHit = WorldBodyRequestBus.Event.RayCast(self.entityId,lRequest)