Lua tutorials and game examples ?

To get started and learn , where can we find Lumberyard Lua tutorials and game examples covering main engine aspects like IA, navmesh navigation, physics, characters, particles and UI menus ?

Hello, AmazonGarden, Tutorials like Lua Scripting are on our list of topics to cover, however at this time the documentation site would be the best place to start.

Thank you for your questions, knowing what the community wants helps us to prioritize our tutorials, and deliver you the content you want.

More than 4 four years have passed and no news on the Lua subject.

Hey @Noskyred,

We focused more of our efforts around tutorials that show off Script Canvas because it would be usable for a wider audience including content creators that were less comfortable with scripting languages. We do know people are interested in lua as well though, however, we would recommend checking out Script Canvas if you haven’t already. Lumberyard 1.25 shows StarterGame using Script Canvas if you’re curious on a game example.

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OK. Thank you for the answer.