lumberyard lmbr_pak_shaders.bat not creating build dir with local shaders paks

I am familiar with lumberyard I have been playing/building projects with it for since 2014, so I done this step many times before.

Testing Lumberyard

Creating Release Builds for PC

I am trying to build a simple release build of the simple sample project, or StarterGame.

I have complete all the build steps and can test the release build.

(Creating Release Builds for PC -

Completed: generated shaders by navigating the levels in Lumberyard Editor.

The shader pak step build fails (3.Build and pack the shaders)


(when I run the lmbr_pak_shaders.bat I get a output line

expected usage: “lmbr_pak_shaders.bat D3D11|GLES3|METAL pc|es3|ios|osx_gl [source shader list file]”)

and no \Build\pc\<em><code>SamplesProject.with my shaders pak’s.

I tested the parm path to the shadercache.txt in (

lmbr_pak_shaders.bat StarterGame D3D11 pc E:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Cache\StarterGame\pc\user\cache\shaderlist.txt)


, all I get it is looking for the remote shadercache serverat localhost or loopback

Also I followed the edit the lmbr_pak_shaders.bat (here) - but the instructions do not look vaild anymore and does not work for me, just outputs the same line.


                                   If you are not in the Samples Project, customize the

lmbr_pak_shaders.bat batch file before you
run it. To do this, edit the highlighted parameter in the following

set SOURCESHADERLIST=%1 (does not change anything!!)
set GAMENAME=<em><code>SamplesProject (does not change anything!!)


set DESTSHADERFOLDER=Cache%GAMENAME%\PC\user\Cache\Shaders (no such line in file!!!)

                                The batch file output specifies the directory where the packed shaders

are located, such as


I have tried the other troubleshooting related steps here did not change not sure what else could be wrong, this and I have replicated this on 2 computers and 2 lumberyard reinstalls both sample projects!!! all the same.

Shader Cache and Generation -

And there are no errors in user build log’s everything loads that I can see.

** And my release build end results are a black screen or black screen with
audio effects and I can move the jack character based on sound effects I
here just no graphics.**

lmbr_pak_shaders use to work on older lumberyards builds before

So to continue troubleshooting, I am going back to lumberyard and see if lmbr_pak_shaders.bat works and that I can complete a release build on that older build.

OK I created a release build for sampleproject in lumberyard 1.17.0,0 and there is a script called BuildShaderPak_DX11.bat and it created (shadercache.pak, shadercachestartup.pak) as expected.

when running the sampleproject_pc_paks, the lumberyard logo start screen is displayed and then the level. So that is working.

But my lumberyard does not have this BuildShaderPak_DX11.bat it has lmbr_pak_shaders.bat and it does not work for me. this BuildShaderPak_DX11.bat does not work in lumberyard as expected. And the (shadercache.pak, shadercachestartup.pak from lumberyard sample project does not work in lumberyard sample project. :frowning:

I guess I try the copy the local shadercache manual to shadercache.pak and shadercachestartup.pak method as a last test, but that is not a very good solution if it works.

(OK that worked, copy over the

E:\Amazon\Lumberyard\\dev\Cache\SamplesProject\pc\user\cache\shaders\cache\d3d11 or your project Shader Cache

to shadercache.pak, shadercachestartup.pak and move to the release folder\project.)

my opinion lmbr_pak_shaders.bat does not work like previous lumberyard builds/

BuildShaderPak_DX11.bat Manual blanket copy of shaders method worked for me.

OK I am done with this.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issues I had in Lumberyard\ and building shaders for a release build.