Lumberyard with ThirdParty does work?

Hi Everyone,

I can Use Lumberyard with ThirdParty with ThirdParty does work???

I have this links , I want know , and , ask of you , before download , I think lumberyard 1.9 do not release soon…

Lumberyard link download :

Here are the zips for the 3rd party files for Lumberyard [](

please help me


Hi AhmadKarami, for me yes all work fine.

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thanks Anatoliy , so , I want download ,

3rd party files is all thing for compile lumberyard and develop lumberyard and develop all tools in lumberyard with c++ programming ?? it is correct??

You can try just copy ThirdParty from to

thanks a lot dear Anatoliy ,

I’m gonna wait for Lumberyard 1.9 , I think download lumberyard 1.9 with ThirdParty 1.9 is better.