Lumberyard Beta 1.10 is now available!

Update Aug. 17Lumberyard 1.10 download has been restored. Thanks for your patience!

We are very excited to announce that Lumberyard Beta 1.10 is now available for download. Check out the GameDev Blog for information on the more than 546 improvements, fixes, and new features included in 1.10:

You can find the official release notes for Lumberyard Beta 1.10 which details all the new features, fixes, and known issues for this release here:

The Lumberyard documentation has been updated for Lumberyard Beta 1.10:

Download the Lumberyard Beta 1.10 installer on the Downloads page:

If you need to download the Third Party files as Zips:

Compressed Downloads: (PC)

Congrats on the 1.10 release! Can we have the zip download link for the pc installer too?

Certainly :slight_smile:


I’ve also updated the original post to reflect this link for those interested —


I’m checking Lumberyard out for the first time. Given it’s in beta I’m surprised that there is no obvious point of feedback that I can see. There’s the one thread on this forum but that relates to something apparently no longer active. Then you have subforums for feedback on just a couple of specific systems.

Do you guys want general feedback at this stage? If so, you should probably create an obvious, dedicated place for it.

Good point @kamrann — with this feedback, we have created a dedicated General Feedback sub forum here: Thanks for your feedback! :smiley:

Any chance of an updated zip download link for offline installer? Getting this error when trying to download:

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So I guess no support for offline installer? Thanks a lot for the help, never using this product because of the great support. Off to Unreal Engine or Unity.

Hey @DyGoMa - my apologies for the extensively delayed response. I’ve asked the team to provide a link for you. Let me try and get that to you ASAP.

Well I was waiting for a link but I guess it’s not happening. I would think if you want people to try your product and give feedback you would be a little more prompt, almost 2 weeks for a large company like Amazon isn’t acceptable. I can’t be the only trying to get the offline installer. I was excited to try out the features when I seen an ad for Lumberyard but I guess it’s not going to happen unfortunately.

Hi @DyGoMa, you are right and have every reason to be frustrated with us. The delay on getting the new zip was unacceptable and I personally apologize. I have been out of the country for Gamescom and this slipped through my radar when @Amonster_LMBR send me the request. I hope you are still interested in checking it out, if so I have included the link below and update the links in the original post. Again, I apologize.

@Amonster_LMBR @Binky_LMBR

1.10 has been amazing so far. I’ve really been loving everything the team put into it. Honestly, I think the new and improved documentation that I’ve seen over the last several months has really been my favorite thing. Props to the doc team and the developers that put in good inline code. Lumberyard continues to move forward and it gets better with every update. Thank you to the whole Lumberyard Team!