Lumberyard Beta 1.11.1 Release Notes (October 2017)

Lumberyard Beta 1.11.1 is now available for download. This update contains the following improvements, changes, and features.

Full docs can be found here.

Lumberyard Beta 1.11.1

Lumberyard Beta 1.11.1 includes the following fixes:

Animation Editor

  • Capturing motion extraction height now works properly. To enable this feature, in the Animation Editor, in the Motions pane, select the Capture Height Changes check box.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you assign an .actor file to an Actor component in the Entity Inspector.

  • The editor no longer crashes when you select a deleted node in the animation graph by pressing the forward and backward arrow buttons.

  • Undocking the Actor Manager pane and setting the Excluded from Bounds feature now work properly.
    Game Builds

  • Creating a release build now works properly.

  • Custom Qt components can now be created from the Editor gem.

  • If you use a material with a UV offset in Lumberyard 1.11, the texture is no longer offset. The texture now moves in the same direction as previous versions of Lumberyard.
    Lumberyard Editor

  • Error messages no longer display if you attempt to launch the editor when the Lua Editor is already open.

  • Adding a Particle Physics entity (legacy) in the viewport no longer results in an error.

  • The editor no longer stops working if you attempt to create a slice and then undo the action.

  • The Multiplayer sample no longer stops working when running in debug mode.
    Script Canvas

  • Using local variable types that have more than one output pin and can output individual properties now works properly. The numeric outputs now return color components (RGBA) in the console log.

  • The editor no longer stops working if you highlight the text in a Comment node, deselect the node, and then select the node again.
    Starter Game

  • The Starter Game sample now has the EMotionFX gem enabled, which enables you to use the Animation Editor. You can also choose to use the legacy animation tools (Geppetto and Mannequin).
    Terrain Editor

  • The Terrain Editor no longer stops working when you open a different level, select a different edit tool, or restart the editor.
    Visual Studio Support

  • If you install Lumberyard without a version of Visual Studio installed, you no longer see a warning that MSVCP120.DLL was not found.

  • Unit tests now work properly.

great fixes…please update github and provide binary zips.

1.11.1 is up on GitHub.

Please update Github! Thanks!

Awesome! Thanks!

Thanks! You are the best :slight_smile:

Here is the list.

BTW, I use ‘Internet Download Manager’ to speed up this progress.

Yes, the binary zips would be very good. From our world location the installer can easily take multiple days to fully download. The zips are always much faster to download by using download accelerator software.

One work around a colleague found is to start the installer, then while it’s running:

  • Search the Windows directory like C:\Users[username]\AppData\Local\Temp
  • Look for the log file named Lumberyard_*.log
  • Find the https link inside the log
  • Get a good download software that can find download all the other files from the path. Fortunately most of the filenames have the pattern dev[number].cab
    I hope it’s not too much info sharing, but that’s the solution we found to keep up with the updates. Thanks to the programmer who added the full file links in the installer logging and please don’t remove these logs in future versions! :wink:

I do not Find Log Node in Lumberyard 1.11.0 , it exist in the lumberyard 1.11.1??

what is it? you know?

Game Builds

  • Creating a release build now works properly.

After creating level on 1.11 i cant use ctrl+g command , screen freezes , i can still see the water motion but i lose control of lumberyard , can’t test the level so i’ll have to stick with 1.10 sadly :frowning: