Lumberyard Beta 1.11 EmotionFX Feedback

We’re curious to see how well EmotionFX is going for you and would like to get your perspective/feedback on this new feature. Please share your thoughts below!

Very good so far and easy to work with.

what’s missing or things that I just cannot figure out:

  • Ragdoll
  • Collision mesh setup.
  • Pose Mirroring Setup(I finally found it and made it work, but probably a tutorial is needed)
  • Physics attachment like Geppetto(it is in the features but I didn’t found it in the editor)
  • Game Controller(no clue at all)
  • Morph Targets don’t get recognized on a quick naive test (object with a morph animation and skinned to 1 bone)
    It will be great to have starter game converted to EMotion Fx

Is there a way to export a non-transformation track from dcc? like a float or color property animation and then programmatically retrieve it e.g. to use as a material parameter.

Fbx seems to be improved a lot with time and with this animation system it works great, but the units settings during Fbx importing and exporting in dcc tools it’s always a source of issues.I had to do few tests before to understand how to import and export back jack and its animation reliably from various dcc tools without strange issues and bad scaling, maybe a beginner could have a way more stressful experience before to get it right in his tool of choice.
A valid advice is to set in every tool the workspace in centimeters.

Feature requests:

  • Graph Constants to limit the use of parameters used as constants.
  • Built-in time parameter to easy prototype in the editor.