Lumberyard Beta 1.17 is now available!

We are excited to announce that Lumberyard Beta 1.17 is now available for download. Check out the Release Notes for information on the more than 70 slice workflow improvements, and fixes.

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nice work guys, thanks!

my personal wishlist for future LY improvements:

-4. Need fix the SurfaceType for Materials ISSUE TOPIC LINK

-3. when we do request for RayCast in result are no any information about surface type from phys proxy material. so plz add surfacetype in result of RayCast

AzFramework::PhysicsSystemRequests::RayCastResult result;
EBUS_EVENT_RESULT(result, AzFramework::PhysicsSystemRequestBus, RayCast, rayCastConfiguration);

-2. [ACE Bug]

-1. [AssetProcessor Bug]

0. need fix NavMesh generation for NavigationArea for more info you may take a look this topic

1. UI Editor:: Animation editor

a. if are keys placed in same time or frame (with little difference between) in sequence, replace old key with last moved key. because it some time tricky to find a two keys what placed near to each other and delete one.

b. add additional row for keys(on top of all keys through all animated components) what are represent all keys in same frame in column. So if you move it somewhere on timeline you move all keys in the column for all objects, this very handy for animation when you have a lot keys on one vertical line.

c. fix tangents for alpha animated properties of UI elements, tangent are always more or less 0…1, so UI element are flickeing during animation. So you always have to manualy fix each tangent on curve

d. introduce curve modificators (noise, bounce, clamp value)

2. add

  • Entity * ComponentApplication::FindEntityByName(const AZStd::string name)

  • AZStd::vectorAZ::Entity* ComponentApplication::FindAllEntitiesWithName(const AZStd::string name)

(without lambda’s callback using, just first find and out)

3. direct access for field of all math types like AZ::Vector3 I mean ->x or .x and not .GetX()

4. introduce type AZ::Euler with static helpers

4.1 add static helpers for AZ::Quaterniton::CreateFromVDir and other

5. Editor: Entity outliner: Add button or option to allow collapse all hierrarhy on one click (we should see only root’s entities, main list of entities after using this option)

6. Render2Texture: add rendering for selected slices or some entitys with some hierarchy into RenderTarget texture ($texture name), so we could use this for material for animated icons (for character’s heads in UI and other similar stuff)
I think it may be just component for camera component. this camera do not used for main frame rendering but it transformation matrix and frustum used for rendering after the frame rendering.

It will be nice if you guys create a few tutorials (series) about how to wtire own shaders and full screen custom passes. The documentation need to be filled with info about how renderer flows, stages, default passes. How developer may injects own custom-pass in certain order of RenderPath.

8. Also guys, checkout a skybox on the corners, one of them are has color bleeding (I made skybox by Amonster’s tutorial with his texture) and faced with this bug.

if I recall something else I’ll add here )

Where is the Mac version?