Lumberyard Beta 1.24 Feedback

6+ years have passed, and Lumberyard is STILL A MESS!

We still don’t have a Public Lumberyard ROADMAP!

There is NO WAY to even talk directly to Lumberyard Engine developers! There is a HUGE DISCONNECT between the Lumberyard Developer Community and the Lumberyard Engine developers!

My biggest complaints would be LACK OF MAJOR FEATURES that have been added/implemented (from my last review, almost a year ago). See Lumberyard Beta v1.20 Feedback here.

You can watch a good Lumberyard review/critique here:

Also, please look at the very latest Unreal Engine 5 features & demo projects and implement these same exact features into Lumberyard:

Please take the time to add ALL of these features from this Lumberyard v1.20 feedback here:

In over a year, NONE of these features have been fixed, added or implemented!

Another year has passed, and NOTHING HAS CHANGED! We still don’t have a Lumberyard Public Roadmap or ANY DIRECTION from the Amazon Lumberyard Developers.

The Amazon Lumberyard Build System is still a COMPLETE MESS!

Lumberyard is still plagued with the same exact problems (as Lumberyard v1.0, v1.15 and v1.20) and NOTHING has changed! In 6+ years, it’s still a mess and nothing has changed! Lumberyard continues to only get worse (not better). The very latest demo projects are complete crap, looks like a 2 year old created them, and we have nothing modern or photorealistic (cinematic quality) demo projects.

Lumberyard Beta 1.24 has the same old archaic garbage installer, archaic updater (or should I say LACK OF UPDATER), all of the “dependencies” that must be first installed prior to (or during) the archaic Lumberyard installation (which should be reduced/eliminated, identical to Unreal Engine which you can just very easy “one-click” install Unreal Engine installation and there are no dependencies that need to be installed!) and the biggest complaint is still the INABILITY to just “update” your existing Lumberyard version to the newest version (without having to install multiple versions of Lumberyard, and there is no “updater” to go from 1.24.0 to 1.24.1 to 1.24.2 without having to re-install the whole engine all over again! We REALLY need a nice “Lumberyard Games Launcher” identical to EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER, please look at this for reference/ideas and please replicate this for Lumberyard and create a nice LUMBERYARD GAMES LAUNCHER that is identical to the EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER, same exact features, same exact layout/look, and very easy to launch Lumberyard without having 15+ icons on your desktop, and only having TWO icons on your desktop, one for the Lumberyard Games Launcher and one for Lumberyard Editor, irregardless of how many versions of Lumberyard you have installed, there should only be TWO icons on the desktop, not 18+ icons, like I currently have on my desktop!).

A good example would be to look at EPIC GAMES UNREAL ENGINE 4 Games Launcher!

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT and INSTALL UNREAL ENGINE 4.24 and 4.25, and look at how “clean” and “amazing” the Unreal Engine 4.25/4.25 Games Launcher is! Look in the upper right corner, you can see “Launch Unreal Engine 4.24.3” or you can click the down arrow, and select the version of game engine you want to launch (that you have installed). You can easily toggle between launching v4.20.3, or v4.23.1, or 4.24.3, or 4.25.0 of the Unreal Engine Editor (just by clicking on the “down arrow” and selecting which version you want to launch) and

Look at how “clean” this Epic Games Unreal Engine 4 Games Launcher is! It’s extremely nice, very easy to use, clean, and there are only TWO icons on my desktop (even though I have NINE versions of Unreal Engine installed). The next biggest problems is the 18+ Lumberyard icons on my desktop (just for the six versions of Lumberyard installed).

Unreal Engine / Epic Games uses a nice EPIC GAMES LAUNCHER (that you can choose/select which version of Unreal Engine you want to launch, and also a nice updater, plus tutorials, “Learn” and “Marketplace” and “Library” and “Friends” and “Downloads” and “Settings” (all inside the Epic Games Launcher). This eliminates ALL of the various “Setup Assistant” and “Project Configurator” desktop icons (for each and every different version of Lumberyard installed).

See here:

The next BIGGEST COMPLAINT are the Build Times! It takes seconds to do a quick build/rebuild in Unreal Engine, and it takes hours (to even days) when you are doing builds in Lumberyard! Lumberyard is incredibly slow (and archaic) when it comes to doing builds, and the old archaic WAF system! Please refactor/rewrite and create a new build system (similar to Unreal Engine) that allows you to do immediate builds/rebuilds in just the click of a button, and nearly instaneous build times like Unreal Engine! Lumberyard build times are ridiculously slow, and the WAF build system is archaic! Please get this fixed, and create something identical to Unreal Engine 4’s build system!

12 - Eliminate or reduce the “build time” to near realtime , (or under a minute and similar to that of Unreal Engine)

13 - Reduce the number of the required dependencies/SDKs and optional SDKs that are required and the lengthy amount of time to build a game

  • Reduce/eliminate the need for Visual Studio and the complex build process, complex build instructions, complex list of dependencies, and all the build errors and instead create a simple “Generate Game” or “Build Game” button, or “Create Package” similar to Unreal Engine that is extremely fast and can generate the game in near real-time (without any required SDKs and include everything necessary and reduce the build time to near realtime and without all of the build failures and compiling errors).
    See here:

Please take the time to add ALL of these features from this Lumberyard v1.20 feedback here:

I would add the following to the list of requested features (since nearly a year has passed since my last Lumberyard 1.20 feedback and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING has been added, fixed, or implemented in nearly 6+ years of FAILED Lumberyard development)

It seems like the Lumberyard Engine Developers just don’t care what users want, and DO NOT LISTEN to the community, or what features we are asking for (and demanding). We want a nice easy to use game engine editor, and ALL of these features are IMPORTANT to us!

It’s been discussed tens of thousands of times (here on these forums, the old forums, and various CG websites throughout the community, and Lumberyard developers just don’t listen!) NONE of the feature requests have been added, while EPIC GAMES and Unreal Engine developers have a public roadmap, and ALWAYS ADD OUR FEATURE REQUESTS and implement our feature requests!

We ask for Global Illumination, and EPIC GAMES is adding Global Illumination (GI) to Unreal Engine 5!

We asked for Virtual Texturing, and EPIC GAMES has added Virtual Texturing to Unreal Engine!
(UE4 supports two virtual texturing methods: Runtime Virtual Texturing (RVT) and Streaming Virtual Texturing (SVT). Both can be used!

61 - Please add Virtual Texturing (that supports 8K and 16K textures), similar to Unreal Engine’s Virtual Texturing.

See here:

62 - Please add Virtual Texturing to Lumberyard, that includes BOTH Runtime Virtual Texturing (RVT) and Streaming Virtual Texturing (SVT).

See here:

and here:

63 - Please add Dynamic Global Illumination to Lumberyard, similar to LUMEN.

See here:

64 - Please add the ability to use 8K and 16K Megascans cinematic textures and Megascans high-poly cinematic assets to Lumberyard, similar to Unreal Engine.

See here:

65 - Create a “Mesh Shaders” and “Dynamic LOD System” (similar to NVIDIA’s Asteroids Demo Showcase, and also Unreal Engine’s “Nanite” system). Please add the ability to use high-poly cinematic quality assets in Lumberyard, similar to Unreal Engine Nanite.

See Unreal Engine 5 Demo here:

Also see here:

For Reference, see NVIDIA’s Asteroid Mesh Shaders Demo (by NVIDIA GameWorks):

Also please go back and look at my Lumberyard 1.20 Feedback (which is a large compilation of ALL of the feature requests that the community has been asking for, for the last 6+ years, but seems to have been COMPLETELY IGNORED by Lumberyard Engine developers) and NOTHING that the community has been asking for repeatedly (for the past 6+ years) has been FIXED or ADDED, please take a look at my Lumberyard 1.20 Feedback (as reference) and NOTHING has been FIXED or ADDED or implemented, and we are now at Lumberyard 1.24 and it’s still complete garbage.

6+ years of Alpha/Beta Lumberyard development, and we still don’t have a “Production Ready” game engine that we can use in production, and we’re still using an old archaic engine from 10+ years ago that still hasn’t been updated, cleaned up, optimized, refactored or made “current gen” or “next-gen” like the features of Unreal Engine 5 (or even UE4 production v4.25). Please take a good look at Unreal Engine and the very latest Unreal Engine 4.25 or Unreal Engine 5!

Please take a good look at the Unreal Engine Roadmap, and create a Public Roadmap EXACTLY like this for Lumberyard!

I have created a Lumberyard Roadmap (years ago), but we can’t get ANY DEVELOPERS to help update the Public Lumberyard Roadmap, and make it current by showing upcoming/future features!

Please have a few Lumberyard Developers (and the lead of the Lumberyard project) reach out to me (as I have been maintaining the Public Roadmap Page for 5+ years now), and I can make the Amazon Lumberyard Developers contributors/admin of the Public Lumberyard Roadmap Trello page, and if the Lumberyard team is using Jira/Atlassian, I believe there is a plugin called “Sync Jira with Trello” that can be added/setup that works with both Jira and Trello, and it will automatically update the Public Lumberyard Roadmap Trello page, and keep the Public Lumberyard Roadmap updated and current. (Similar to what Chris Roberts’ is doing at CIG, with this Star Citizen roadmap, which is using a highly customized Trello public roadmap board here). But I would need some help from Amazon Lumberyard Developers to make this happen! Please reach out to me!

Please take a time to add ALL of these features from this feedback here:


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Well it looks a lot like your are into all that Unreal Engine is going to give, so to tell you the truth go to Unreal, nobody is stopping you. I like LY for how it is right now it needs fixes, but it is a lot better than Cryengine My Opinion, so if you are not satisfied with LY you should go to Unreal and come back when the features you want/need for your development is implemented. :+1:


Each engine has it’s own pluses and minuses. There is no perfect engine. But Lumberyard is unfortunately extremely far behind in most features, and for this reason it doesn’t even rank in the top 10 game engines, whereas Unity and Unreal Engine rank as number one and number two game engines.

Engines with more features and better game samples, better tutorials and better sample assets tend to have larger communities (as well as a large marketplace with addons, buildings, vehicles, scripts and various items that shorten your development time and make developing a game easier).

As for Lumberyard, the community is extremely small. It’s nearly impossible to get features added, community support is extremely lacking, and you certainly won’t find great amazing game samples with Lumberyard.

I don’t believe a single game has EVER been finished or published with Lumberyard (as of yet), and although I have had extremely high hopes for Lumberyard, it seems over the past 5+ years the developers and community are just too small and not much has been done and the features continue to dwindle and LY has really fallen behind in tools, features and support whereas other game engines like Unity and Unreal have grown astronomically (with Sony, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD and most companies working directly with Unreal or Unity).

I started with CryEngine, worked my way over to Lumberyard, and then slowly migrated to Unreal because it seemed like the Lumberyard community has slowly “died off” over the years.

When teaching students, you need “up to date” tools, support and curriculum. Lumberyard has none of those things, and therefore we stopped teaching Lumberyard and most students continue to use Unity (for 2D) and Unreal Engine (for 3D, ArchViz, cinematics, and photorealistic).

There was a time when CryEngine led the market in realism, but it seems that day has passed and other than Star Citizen (by Cloud Imperium Games), which is still in Alpha (for the past 8 years), I haven’t seen a single game published during the past decade with either Lumberyard or CryEngine. Both of which seem fairly dead (and the reason Chris Roberts had to leave CryEngine/Crytek and migrate over to Lumberyard with hopes that LY would grow and continue to get developed).

CryEngine and Lumberyard have both evolved (like two angry stepchildren) in opposite directions, but neither of which have much community support (I believe CryEngine still has a much larger community than LY).

But Unity and Unreal are by far the two largest development communities and I wish Lumberyard would add the same features that Unreal Engine and Unity have, and grow into a stable “production ready” game engine, instead of remaining in an “early alpha” or “early beta” stage for 5+ years and it could easily be another decade before Lumberyard ever becomes “stable” enough for production use (if ever).

Epic Games has purchased Quixel recently and acquired their tools and Megascans textures and assets libraries and made these products free to Unreal Engine Developers, so Unreal Engine definitely has much more to offer (and is at least production ready), and many game titles including Fortnite and PUBG have been released (with new game releases weekly and monthly with Unreal Engine).

I had hoped that Lumberyard would grow (instead or dying off), but unfortunately that seems to be the direction that Lumberyard is headed.

If you try and start developing a game with Lumberyard, you’ll most likely end up as a “washed up studio” that never finishes the game. Even Crytek hasn’t released a game in ages, and I don’t think a game will ever get released using Lumberyard (outside of maybe Star Citizen).

It’s been a long bumpy road and a long journey, but it seems Unreal Engine continues to grow and improve, while Lumberyard continues to remain stagnant for many many years!

We have! We will continue to teach Unreal Engine, but we continue to look at Lumberyard’s progress and releases. It’s been 5+ years and Lumberyard still doesn’t have the features, tools support, books & curriculum material (for teaching students) or “production ready” stability, sample projects, tutorials or community support that Unreal Engine or Unity both provide.

With Lumberyard, everything is broken and you are expected to just deal with the bugs, crashes, instability, lack of features, lack of support, poor documentation, and are expected to just fix everything yourself and be a “lone wolf” with zero support and zero features coming from Amazon or Crytek!

Unless you have a $500+ Million dollar budget (like Chris Roberts and CIG), it’s unlikely that you can hire the original Crytek developers to iron out all of the bugs, add all of the latest modern features and create all of the latest tools, but for everyone else the answer is always “wait another 5 years” and come back later. But nothing ever seems to get done or finished with Lumberyard. The new features list just keeps dwindling with each release and you’ll NEVER see real-time global illumination or virtual textures or any of the features found in Unreal Engine or even Unity! Unity keeps growing and moving more and more towards Unreal Engine territory, while Lumberyard continues to remain stagnant!

CryEngine 5 is far more updated and far more current and stable than Lumberyard, but neither of the two are “production ready” or even stable engines and it’s unlikely that you will ever see a stable release of Lumberyard (or even CryEngine) during our lifetime!