Lumberyard Beta 1.25 Spotlight Video

Hello Lumbernauts!

Lumberyard 1.25 Beta was just released with a whole lot of features, bugfixes and goodness.

If you would like to learn more about the new features in Lumberyard 1.25 Beta, you can check out our YouTube video:


This video attempts to showcase some of the key updates for developers including the

  • new User Interface

  • The white box tool for rapid prototyping and easily building your own assets with collision and colored material control.

  • Landscape Canvas for editing your dynamic vegetation

  • Script Canvas is out of preview with Graph Functions and other key updates

  • Starter Game 2.0 with full script canvas support and anim graphs built from scratch with a Physx controller

Curious to know what feature you look forward to the most?

  • UI 2.0
  • Starter Game 2.0
  • White Box Tool
  • Landscape Canvas
  • Script Canvas Graph Functions

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The Starter Game with Script Canvas was what I was most looking forward too (aside from the necessary bug fixes). The Starter Game is a good start but I think it’s missing a few necessary things. The dynamic object interaction doesn’t take into account force so you you can kick giant boulders around like you’re an X-man. Most people will want to be able to have more realistic dynamic object interactions which takes into account force and weight and all that. Another thing is that there’s no implementation for physx touch bending on the vegetation. This may be because you guys haven’t implemented physx integration with the vegetation collision system yet.


:bulb: Is It Possible add feature time-lpse to Lumberyard editor? I know this possible in Time of Day with Scale Time Parameter(Speed Time) Only for Run-Time NOT in editor in the current version , we can see run time-lpse in editor and run-time in future? (For example, when level designing a game or simulate project) :blush: :white_check_mark:

Thank you so much for this demo video you shared and also thank you so much for post this poll :rose: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: