Lumberyard Beta 1.25 Spotlight Video

Hello Lumbernauts!

Lumberyard 1.25 Beta was just released with a whole lot of features, bugfixes and goodness.

If you would like to learn more about the new features in Lumberyard 1.25 Beta, you can check out our YouTube video:


This video attempts to showcase some of the key updates for developers including the

  • new User Interface

  • The white box tool for rapid prototyping and easily building your own assets with collision and colored material control.

  • Landscape Canvas for editing your dynamic vegetation

  • Script Canvas is out of preview with Graph Functions and other key updates

  • Starter Game 2.0 with full script canvas support and anim graphs built from scratch with a Physx controller

Curious to know what feature you look forward to the most?

  • UI 2.0
  • Starter Game 2.0
  • White Box Tool
  • Landscape Canvas
  • Script Canvas Graph Functions

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The Starter Game with Script Canvas was what I was most looking forward too (aside from the necessary bug fixes). The Starter Game is a good start but I think itโ€™s missing a few necessary things. The dynamic object interaction doesnโ€™t take into account force so you you can kick giant boulders around like youโ€™re an X-man. Most people will want to be able to have more realistic dynamic object interactions which takes into account force and weight and all that. Another thing is that thereโ€™s no implementation for physx touch bending on the vegetation. This may be because you guys havenโ€™t implemented physx integration with the vegetation collision system yet.


:bulb: Is It Possible add feature time-lpse to Lumberyard editor? I know this possible in Time of Day with Scale Time Parameter(Speed Time) Only for Run-Time NOT in editor in the current version , we can see run time-lpse in editor and run-time in future? (For example, when level designing a game or simulate project) :blush: :white_check_mark:

Thank you so much for this demo video you shared and also thank you so much for post this poll :rose: :pray: :slightly_smiling_face: