Lumberyard Beta 1.27 is Now Available!

Hello fellow Lumbernauts!

We are excited to announce that Lumberyard Beta 1.27 is now available for download. Check out the Release Notes for information on Lumberyard 1.27 bringing you a range of updates including usability with optimized work flows throughout the user interface, support for new and improved physics features, and even more customization options for developers on major platforms.


Lumberyard 1.27 Exe : Lumberyard 1.27 Executable

Client Zip Files

PC: PC_Zip 19

PC MD5 : MD5_zip 2

VRProject Zip : VR_zip 6

VRProject MD5 : VR_MD5_zip 2

Mac Zip : Mac_zip 6

Mac MD5 : MD5_zip 2

ThridParty Zip Files

Common : 8

Common MD5 : 2

vc141 : 7

vc141 MD5 : 2

vc142 : 6

vc142 MD5 : 2

Winlinux ThirdParty Zip : 6

Winlinux ThirdParty MD5 : 2

System Requirements : lumberyard-1.27 system requirements

Release Notes : lumberyard-1.27 Release Notes


Yay! I can’t wait to try out Blast!


Thanks a lot @lmbr_Saulty and Lumberyard team for 1.27, great work! impressive :rose: :pray:

I translated/wrote a new article/news about Amazon Lumberyard 1.27 in sweet Persian (Lumberyard everywhere and with all languages, especially in the Middle East ) :point_down:


@lmbr_Saulty is there any chances what we’ll see major updates for the renderer system of engine in new 2021 year?

Does the " " are broken? CLand files…?

@fluffy hi we tried the link and it is working, did you get an error when downloading because of CLand files?

Also, yes we are planning to update the renderer system in 2021 so keep an eye out for announcements!

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I didn’t realize you actually require a paid software to get Blast up and working. That’s extremely disappointing.

@lmbr_Saulty I’ve got error during unpack, maybe zip file was corrupted during download(
As a workaround I just take CLang from previous 1.26 zip file, it’s working fine.

yes we are planning to update the renderer system in 2021

Great news! Any details about new rendeder?

@wcb what do you mean? where did you find eula notes about paid for blast ?

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You need paid software for creating Blast assets. It’s in the docs apparently. Look at the gamefromscratch video I posted.

This apparently has the free authoring tool for Blast assets. It appears to be more difficult to use than Houdini SideFX but at least you don’t need a license to use it.


Oh now i see, at least we have “Authorization Tool”, and it’s quite simple to use.
Does this tool noted in LY Blast’s docs? if not, it should be mentioned.
For the users who dont want to use Hudini (like me)

NVIDIA(R) Blast(R) SDK 1.1 API Reference

The application AuthoringTool is a command-line asset authoring utility. It reads a file containing a single graphics mesh (currently .fbx and .obj format are supported in this tool), and fractures it according to the parameters given in the command line. The user can configure the output of the tool. It can save render mesh geometry to .fbx or .obj files. It also optionally could save collision geometry in the same .fbx file.<<<

Well it’s “simple” to use in that it’s a command line utility. It’s not “simple” in that it doesn’t really provide what Houdini SideFX provides which (I think, could be wrong) is realtime feedback from the Blast settings. But, after you run it through the authoring tool I believe you can actually plug it into the viewer which is also free that allows you to test your settings.

And I agree it should be noted in the docs that paid software is not actually required for authoring blast assets.

Thanks guys for this new release. It looks very nice but for me The default water system is not displaying when i try and create a new project. My system specs are all uptodate

If you have the water gem enabled then you need to add the ocean component. It won’t add by default with that gem enabled.

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Hi @Ranjit_menon :slightly_smiling_face:

Welcome to Lumberyard World :earth_americas:

Do you tried make a 3d water volume component in default project (e.g. Starter Game Project) :question: :point_down:

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could you record a video lesson how to use “Authorization Tool”?
to create assets for blast and show how to convert your own model to blast format, please

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  • open directory blast_tools_and_samples-windows\bin\vc15win64-cmake\profile
  • create *.BAT file with text :
    AuthoringTool_x64 --mode c --clusters 1 --nonskinned --fbx monkey.fbx monkey.blast
  • execute this bat file, it’s generate for u 2 files : monkey.blast.fbx and monkey.blast.blast
  • try to use this files with LY’s Blast…))

I tried to figure out with blast component, but no luck.
I hope what the Dev Team will test their Blast component with AuthoringTool, and fix pipeline for free tool like AuthoringTool.

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I was told Blast isn’t very good because it’s only optimized for NVIDIA hardware and trying to run it otherwise makes everything sluggish.

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