Lumberyard Beta 1.3 is here!

Lumberyard Beta version 1.3 is officially live! If you’d like to download please click here.

To read our blog talking about the updates and improvements please click here.

Just checked the release notes, no mannequin component yet?

Wow thank you, very nice that you listen to the requests of people on the forum. Is there a road map that would know what to expect in future updates

I can’t download it.

The button send to and then


The request could not be satisfied.

Request blocked.

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Request ID: LQfz4vb9wD4dk4dXoDvcw6jDTBACpqste9Zrv1IIT2YJs5iGAFEqIg==

Worked. Thank you!

Are you seeing a specific error @angeloss? The download button should redirect you to the zip file, you’ll need to follow the instructions above to install Lumberyard this way.

Hey @Angeloss, try this link directly. It looks like possibly the localized pages aren’t fully propagated yet.

Let me know if this works or not.

All this when trying to open materials

The editor is very FPS falls on any graphics settings no longer 10FPS. But at the start of the game all right. These bugs can be related to the fact that the engine is not installed on drive C:

Still no native VS2015 compile support?

Very nice…
some questions about 1.3 release:

  1. about HDR support:
    GFX API: it’s only Windows and D3D11 API right now, right? i.e. no Windows OpenGL HDR support?
    seems only GPUs supporting new HDR modes on HDR UHDTVs are Nvidia Pascal GTX 1080/1070 GPUs and AMD Polaris RX480 GPUs… is that true? Lumberyard 1.3 HDR support both AMD and NV new cards?
    HDR SDKs: also seems AMD requires use of new AMD Radeon Photon SDK and Nvidia requires use of NVAPI SDK custom functions? are you using these vendor SDK ways as

Also works in fullscreen right as I remember Microsoft @ GDC saying HDR windowed support coming later…

  1. about new OSX support:

GFX API is using on OSX: Metal or OpenGL 4.1 on OSX? I say because it says Yosemite support and that doesn’t support Metal but you support Metal on IOS so perhaps on El capitan you take advantage of new Metal for OSX?

  1. also not related to 1.3 but Cryengine 5 released at GDC adds D3D12 support…

are you working towards supporting D3D12 in Lumberyard being Cryengine based engine?


Nice. Thank you team for updated engine. Someday I may get restarted on my project.

Hi @abara,

I also responded to your post in the other announcement thread. Lumberyard should work fine on a different drive. Copied from the other thread:

Unfortunately there isn’t much in the editor log to indicate what caused the crash after selecting that material.

  1. Does this crash happen every time you open the material editor even if you are looking at a different material?

  2. Have you tried closing the editor and asset processor and renaming/deleting your cache folder so that the asset processor re-compiles everything?

Hi @oscarbg,

I see a question was created in the graphics forums and has been answers so I’m going to link to it here in case anyone else is interested:

Thanks for the update!

I would also like to note that it looks the lumberyard tutorial has also been revamped. I might be wrong, but I don’t remember some of the sections being there for version 1.1.