Lumberyard beta 1.5 error install wwise authoring binaries 64-bit

error install wwise authoring binaries 64-bit

windows 10 pro x64


asus gtx 770 oc

16 gb memory

Hello @xtpeloco,

Ah that is unfortunate. Thank you for informing me about it!

I will discuss this with the team and hopefully will be able to provide you with a workaround soon.


Hello @xtpeloco,

Can you elaborate more on the issue that you are experiencing? Is it failing to compile after you install the WWise SDK? If so, can you please post the error that you are having?


Hello @xtpeloco,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m assuming you are attempting to launch the GameSDK sample project and having trouble with audio in that project. I would recommend checking out this post here which should help you solve the audio issue you are experiencing. Essentially, you would have to downgrade the WWise SDK due to the fact that the audio banks in GameSDK are compiled using the old version of WWise.

Hope that helps!


everything works perfectly, I have not seen any mistake except that I do not have sound judgment error in installation authoring WWiSE x64 binaries,

installed and no errors not only this then installed and so take from 1.4 to install the other day, I had hopes that this would be solved.

I say that the problem is not having sound when running projects or demo samples.

ask what they need and will be posting because this is a very estendido or not solved error.

Sorry if this misspelled as I am Spanish and throw google translator

if you realize that post without any success, to the WWiSE v2014.1.4 been removed from the web of WWiSE, try it with version v2014.1.6 tube nor success.

There are some demo or sample that you can use to check it, but I tell you that the installation is always WWiSE to install, making the installation process without any apparent error.

As for the samples or demos bienen with lumberyard, all are dumb and mute and some if they carry audio

here I send them a video to shed a little more light to the issue of error.

if I desistalo all WWiSE and I reinstall, still in the same situation
thank you very much

Hello @xtpeloco,

What do you mean by still in the same situation? It looks like the installation went through correctly, however, the UI for SetupAssistant did not update properly. Does restarting the SetupAssistant fix the issue?

Regarding getting Audio to work for GameSDK, the team is aware of the issue and will hopefully address it in a future release.