Lumberyard Beta Release Notes

Lumberyard Beta is now available for download. This update includes the following updates:

  • Asset Processor
    • The macOS package now provides a pre-built version of the Asset Processor that can be used to build your assets.
      • By default the Asset Processor starts in proxy mode. Proxy mode allows the game to connect to an asset processor that runs on a computer specified in the Proxy IP Address field rather than the local machine.
    • To build assets on macOS, use the following command to build the Asset Processor locally and for each computer on which you want to run the asset processor: -p all build_darwin_x64_profile --targets=AssetProcessor
    • To build assets on your local computer or on the platforms specified in the AssetProcessorPlatformConfig.ini file you must uncheck the Proxy Mode option when you start the Asset Processor.
  • Geppetto
    • Assigning a skeleton .chr to a newly created .cdf file no longer generates an error message and no longer requires that you load a different .cdf first.
  • Lumberyard 3DSMax Export Tool
    • Moved the RC.exe to the correct folder
    • The Lumberyard 3DSMax Exporter Tool now works as expected
      You can download Lumberyard Beta on the Downloads Page.

Having problems with the downloader, try the ZIP file.