Lumberyard beta1.1 does not open after installing of cryengine game sample. how to resolve it?

lumberyard-11-error.pnghi friends, i am installing cryengine sample on beta 1.1,after then editor is not open and crashed and closed after this message

hi janson and all friends , i want to inform that, if i make default project to sample project then editor will work very nice, but if i make a new project or set download project(beachcity, cryengine game sample etc) then gives to me this type of error and closed the window of lumberyard…

Hi there @deependra_LY,

Can you please attach your error log file which can be found at: dev/cache/samplesproject/pc/user/log/editor.log. Where “samplesproject” is the name of your project.

You might want to also check out a list of trouble shooting tips here.

Please let us know if this doesn’t help and we can dig into the problem some more.

Did you run lmbr_waf configure and then rebuilt after changing the project?

@ n-i-c-l-a-s, yes i do it. but till now my problem is not solve.

1667-gamesdk-editorlog.txt (22.8 KB)1668-gamesdk-error-log.txt (2.2 KB)gamesdk-error-log.txtgamesdk-editorlog.txt@jason ,thanks to giving link of editor log , here i am found Sample project’s editor.log and long as i am found gamesdk’s editor log and error.log, now i am attaching editor and error log of both.

@jason here sample project logs

1669-sampleproject-editor.txt (36.2 KB)1670-sampleproject-error.txt (4.15 KB)sampleproject-error.txtsampleproject-editor.txt

even i am getting the same problem, please let know , i am downloading the Beach Project does it happen with it too

Have you enabled any of the optional Gems? I’ve found that a number of them cause the Editor to crash on several of my PCs.

Thanks @deependra_LY,

We have your log files and we’re taking a look at them.

Hello @deependra_LY,

at your gamesdk-editorlog.txt file, it appears as if the crash is happening with vehicle related attachment flow graph nodes:

16) CFlowVehicleEntityAttachment::CFlowVehicleEntityAttachment() [flowvehiclenodes.cpp:82]

Did you modify this .cpp file yourself? Or did you make any changes to or add any vehicle attachment nodes your self?