Lumberyard Brasil and LATAM Community

Hello Guys, I’m Juliano Cristian @JulianoCristian / @jucristian I’m the leader of AWS Game Tech Communities in Brazil and Golden Buz Saw Community Lumberyard from 2017 - 2020 as leader of Lumberyard Communities Brazil and LATAM. We have a growing community here. Our Community works with universities and other educational institutions that have courses in the development of digital games, Cloud computing, and with the development industry, studios and indies devs. Our performances range from Meetups, Game Jans, Webinars (even more so now with the Corona virus) and we are present in the biggest LATAM games events and fairs. I am available to help here in the forum with any questions you may have about techniques and online events to unite! Thank you all for your attention and below I leave our access networks:

Community Lumberyard Brasil - LATAM

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