Lumberyard C++ Multiplayer

I switched to C++ recently, due to the missing documentation and functionality in Lua and possible ScriptCanvas. I’am making progress so far, but would appreciate a tutorial or description of the neccessary steps in implementing multiplayer. The question is how to set upd a player, I think there is no Entity in the Level, the Entity will be created on joining the session. I know that there is the MultiplayerDemo, but it is hard to get all information from a Project, without deeper knowledge. So a explanation preferable with examples would be nice.

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Have you looked at the documentation, theres a starter guide to Multiplayer here:

Then start reading about the NetBinding components and you should be on your way. Lumberyard lacks a good Multiplayer tutorial which the team is working on I believe (see [Request] C++ multiplayer tutorial for example)

You can look at the slightly old MultiplayerSample project for references and GameLift integration.

If you have specific questions, we can try to help.

Hello Pip,

I’ve seen the starter guid to multiplayer, but this is not what I asked. I wanted to know how to set up a client server system. As example, in Unreal Engine I have a GameMode living on the server, handling Sessions, Joining etc. There is a GameState, holding the current states of a game and is replicated to clients. The PlayerController is the Player, on Server and Client, owned by the Client and replicated to the server. The PlayerState holds states of the player, Pawn is the Entity that gets connected to the PlayerController. So the game modul is like the GameInstance. You have to set up a GameRules and an actor for Lumberyard. But it is not explained why and how this is done.
I assume the system used in MultiplayerSample is an older way to do it, based on CryEngine.