Lumberyard Community Survey

Hi everyone!

As promised, the community survey is here. You can access it at

Please participate in this survey as it let’s our developers know more about your user experience with Lumberyard.

If you have questions or ideas about this survey or future ones, feel free to post a reply in this thread.


Can developers participate also?

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Unfortunately, no. This survey is designed to get the community’s feedback. But Lumberyard devs can email me their answers!

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Great , DONE :wink: :pray:

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Hi all, don’t forget to checkout the community survey when you get a chance. This is a good opportunity to let Lumberyard devs know your experience using Lumberyard.

TBH, I don’t think the survey addresses the fundamental problem. From our point of view, Lumberyard, still a beta after 4 years, is just not a sensible option. I keep an eye on developments to see if it goes anywhere, but I posted last year about the reactions of my colleagues to the idea of using Lumberyard.

I think asking a tiny community about specific problems is not really the way to be guided, because so many who could be interested are not looking twice at the project. For example, there may not be that many people in the existing community calling for an asset store, because large numbers of potential users are not joining or staying in the first place, due to the lack of such things. I think Amazon needs to take an “if we build it, they will come” approach.

An end to the beta phase is essential. Why would any commercial project want to base their game on a beta engine - something that is by definition not ready for production? Along with that, a proper roadmap gives more of a sense of certainty about the future direction, and is vital. For projects in the early stages now, issues like Vulkan and future console support are things we need to know about.

Another significant problem is that we see bugs raised or features requested, and are told that the team has been notified or that we’ll be excited by what’s coming next year, and then… crickets.

I also think there needs to be a major expansion of the tutorials created. The ones we have are fine, but they are way too few and far between. Look at Unity Learn, and what they can offer. Amazon needs to churn out a significant body of quality learning material to attract potential devs, before there can be a large community that starts producing its own content. The ecosystem needs to be kickstarted with much greater resources.

Also, in the early days of the project, there was a clear effort to promote the engine through videos like these:

We haven’t seen anything like that for years. Where are the sizzle reels, the exciting new features displayed at the trade shows, and so on?

Overall, all this creates an impression that Lumberyard is a project on the back burner - that if a company like Amazon were really serious about competing with Unreal and Unity, we would see a very different picture than we do. Put bluntly, Amazon really needs to raise its game if wants Lumberyard to be anything more than an also-ran.

This is meant as constructive criticism. I really would like to see Lumberyard be a serious alternative to those other engines. I just fear that’s not going to happen if things continue as they are.


I couldnt have said it better myself.