Lumberyard dead?

Just wanted to ask a bit around. If you look at the “AnswerHub”-Forum it is pretty much dead. There is not really happening much anymore.

I use Maya LT and it would be great if they had FBX(character with skeletons and animation etc) working. I do like the LUA support along with the particles improvements. The lack of FBX improvements has me bummed especially since you can now use any 3D content creation software with CryEngine. I wanna use Lumberyard but I don’t want to take the time to learn the engine if it is going to be another year or so before they update support for FBX.

alive and excited to be working with our growing community. We just released
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is also an exciting time for Lumberyard, Amazon Game Studios, and Twitch.
TwitchCon is this weekend, and the Amazon Game Studios unboxing event is
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I wouldn’t say Dead, but definitely missed the hype train, atleast for indie developers…Blender support would be great but more importantly STANDARD importing thru FBX(character with skeletons and animations etc) because, though awesome and widely used by indies, not ever one uses blender (I use MODO for example) the problem is, Unreal, Unity and even lesser known engines makes this a seamless process as far are getting useable characters with in 2 or 3 clicks, so its a big miss for indie devs coming from those engines.

Ive voiced my opinions here before and looked forward to next update, but 1.5 came out and still a no-go(though the lua editor and particle system improvements made me smile)… It has halted my tutorials on YouTube because i dont want to push thru the pipeline problems when i dont have to…I believe amazon is in it for the long haul just think they missed the “oh wow” train when it was released…

My key take away though, is that they actually use the engine and are making games so as developers along with what we suggest to them/complain about should make this a solid engine more so going forward.

seriously though guys…we have to wait another month or two before finding out if 1.6 has what we need?

every-time I think about making a tutorial on the character pipeline(i have Maya i just don’t like to use it over MODO) even the long drown out instructions for cryblender(horrible) I go back to the ease of Unity and unreal and just stop.

Like i said, I’m here as long as amazon is here but it feels like we aren’t being listened to even thought you say you are…I hope TwitchCon brings some good news!.

We’re using Lumberyard for a big project. It’s a smart option to use even with the existing constraints.

What is up with FBX? I thought version 1.5 for sure, but nope!!

Well honestly that’s great for you and your team, but that doesn’t apply to a beginner, or someone who spent time learning say, blender,because someone told them it was free and open source only to find out you cant use it for an engine like lumberyard…currently…also goes for MODO, Sketchup etc…

It being a “smart” option depends on who you are talking to, if you’re a company or someone with a nice amount of spare money then yea by all means, but the average indie dev or aspiring game dev cant shell out the money for Autodesk products…even with the current workflow, if said workflow extended to any 3D package(or atleast common ones for big studios AND indie) there wouldn’t be a problem… I mean to my knowledge Maya LT isn’t even support still…

I currently Main Unreal engine with a game that is about to be release soon, so I guess I’m speaking from a teaching standpoint for whatever tutorial I make I want to be sure 98% can duplicate what I’m showing…don’t want endless comments that they wish “blender was supported” or " I don’t have Maya".