Lumberyard Discord

Looking for support for Amazon Lumberyard? An active community of game devs, hobbyists, and generally thoughtful technical folks? Or maybe you’re just looking to chill somewhere full of engaged, knowledgeable gamers. If so, welcome to the Lumberyard Discord channel!

Feel free to check it out and ask questions or offer your own insights! You’ll find many active users as well as a number of Lumberyard’s developers and staff. Stay up-to-date on critical updates and information about Lumberyard, or get advice on how to use the product from the people that built it.

We have well over 300 Active Members, Support staff, Moderators, and Amazon Devs and Staffs in the channel!!

When you join, be sure to checkout the rules, and make sure you take the full advantage of the server’s features!

When you join, you will be placed in a lobby, the Lobby channel will guide you through giving you full access.

*This is a Remake Thread as another user has been posting bad comments about the server, and wanted a Clean thread. This user had broken several rules on the server that resulted in a punishment.

This server is here to allow you to ask questions, get help, share your creations, and grow a larger community…


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