Lumberyard Discord

Looking for support for Amazon Lumberyard? An active community of game devs, hobbyists, and generally thoughtful technical folks? Or maybe you’re just looking to chill somewhere full of engaged, knowledgeable gamers. If so, welcome to the Lumberyard Discord channel!

Feel free to check it out and ask questions or offer your own insights! You’ll find many active users as well as a number of Lumberyard’s developers and staff. Stay up-to-date on critical updates and information about Lumberyard, or get advice on how to use the product from the people that built it.

We have well over 300 Active Members, Support staff, Moderators, and Amazon Devs and Staffs in the channel!!

When you join, be sure to checkout the rules, and make sure you take the full advantage of the server’s features!

When you join, you will be placed in a lobby, the Lobby channel will guide you through giving you full access.

*This is a Remake Thread as another user has been posting bad comments about the server, and wanted a Clean thread. This user had broken several rules on the server that resulted in a punishment.

This server is here to allow you to ask questions, get help, share your creations, and grow a larger community…


Mini Bump since its been a bit,
Almost at our 500 Member Goal!!

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What? Your goal is adding member?! :flushed:

What is the useful of this? Too bad I am not fluent in English, my goal is to produce more video tutorials and more training documents, not the number of members! :slightly_smiling_face:

We must be sure that the first priority is to produce a wide range of YouTube tutorials for lumberyard :wink:

If the range of lumberyard video tutorials is large and wide, different members will be added on different platforms like Youtube , Discord , Telegram , etc :white_check_mark: :100:%

Of course, these were my opinions, maybe you do not agree with my opinions :eyes:

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As stated in the News channel of the Discord, (Copied right from the news Post)

Invite more people, Tell everyone about the server

Tell Everyone you know about the server. Once we hit 500 users, we can enable more features. We are at 363 currently, That’s 137 More to go.
The following would be available.

Unique branding
Personalize your server with a Custom URL, Server Banner, and Invite Splash.

Partner-only perks
Get Discord Nitro, rewards for your community, and access to the Partners-only server.

Be recognized
Receive a special badge on your server and stand out from the crowd on our Discovery page.

We are just lacking the user count of 500 and the activity on server. The server Activity is as followed to be eligible for the rewards above

Have at least 50 communicators (people who actively talk) per week. This means that in your server, at least 50 unique people should be regularly engaging in your community, such as posting a message. They can be a different set of 50 people per week.

Once we hit those stats, then we can customize the server nicely, and help grow the community even more being a Discord partner with all the perks of a customized Discord channel. If you have any questions, feel free to message me in #general

More info on the requirements are as follows

The Link for invite could be for example,, whereas the current one is random characters, then custom invite spash, and customization’s to the server and all

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I would join but I was banned for giving constructive criticism. The mods told me they didn’t want people giving constructive criticism because it might scare off lumberyard developers.

@wcb, Please note that I have no control over your ban. If you were banned, you were banned for a set reason in beach of the rules that you agreed to on joining the server.

Note that we do give warnings before a permanent ban, this include mutes and kicks along with warnings, failure to follow the rules results in a more severe action.

Please note that if you want to speak about your ban, please avoid from posting it on public threads. If you want to speak about your ban, please do so with the moderator who banned you within a private message.

Note that if you are posting all over public threads bashing the discord telling users not to join will put a negative result to your discussion with the moderator.

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New year bump, Discord News post;

The Moderators and Lumberyard Team wants to wish everyone here a great holiday and awesome new year. This year was filled with many new updates to the engine, new features and several new members. We hope your Holiday is filled with fun and memorable moments.

We hope to see you in the new year, along with many new people. Please stay safe, and stay healthy. There are many new features and changes coming in the new year, that we hope everyone will be able to see and experience.

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Bump for the new year and all the new members, :slight_smile: