Lumberyard does not add c ++ code

When I create a new project the project configurator creates the solution of only the game, and when I try to add c ++ code the solution does not update, try to execute the command console as administrator and enter the following line

lmbr_waf.bat configure -p all
so that it would generate me the complete solution of lumberyard thing that does not happen
and when I open the game solution does not appear the .cpp files, .h

attached images.

Hi NeoG-Game.


      "Miyamoto": [


      "Source/Miyamoto": [

Hope that help to you :slight_smile:

is not that, it happens that for some reason does not update with the command
lmbr_waf.bat configure
but with the command lmbr_waf.bat msvs the solution is updated without any problems
and if you just need to create the project solution or update it
lmbr_waf.bat msvs -p game