Lumberyard Editor on Linux

I want to play with Lumberyard on Linux, but currently only support for Windows is provided. I browsed the code and saw the editor UI is developed with Qt 5 and MFC. MFC is probably because the CryEngine started many years ago when Qt wasn’t good enough.

I will deal myself with compilation etc., but i want to ask what other things can’t be currently used on Linux except MFC (can be ported to Qt i quess)? Are there used any important libraries/frameworks working only with Windows? Thank you.


Hello Jara!

Thank you for your interest in trying to get the editor to run on Linux! Here are a few other things you will need to consider in your attempt to do so:

The resource compiler and the remote shader compiler do not run on Linux and both will take a lot of work to get working on Linux. Some of the plugins to the editor may also have windows specific code hiding in them that would need to be dealt with (or the libraries are only available for window platforms).

Another issue with the editor is that even though the engine supports OpenGL getting it to work properly in the editor is a little more difficult. Part of the difficulty is the usage of MFC and how the editor runs on top of the game and the special magic of DirectX just working where as with OpenGL you may need to expose the context that is buried deep in the rendering code.