Lumberyard for cinematics

Hi, i have use differents game engines to create real time short films and animation, i want to know if lumberyard has tools to create cinematics in game and if this ones can be exported to other programs for editing. Thanks for your answer

You could use “Track View” to render image sequence for editing in your preferred authoring tools.

Hi @Shoryukensaurio,

As @Datouwan wrote, Track View is Lumberyard’s Cinematic tool. In addition to rendering movies to disk, Track View allows you to key frame motion, add post processing effects, and even do basic edits.

Our release documentation for Track View can be found here to get you started. The documentation is not complete (we’ve fixed this in an upcoming release), but it’ll get you started in making movies with Lumberyard.

I’m excited to hear about your interest in making movies with Lumberyard and hope to see some of your creations!