LumberYard For Consoles

Hello LumberYard Team,

Kindly let me know if I can port the games made with LumberYard to consoles like PlayStation(4 or 5, doesn’t matter), Xbox and/or Nintendo Switch. I have searched on the Docs and forums; also, checked for videos on youtube, but there seems to be almost nothing in terms of porting info/documentation.

Please provide a link, as I may have missed by chance…(especially for PlayStation/Nintendo).

{Basically I plan on making the game for PC(as practise/learning curve), but then the reason I started looking for powerful engines is Console Porting. If I manage to get license from PS and Nintendo, can LumberYard really port for PlayStation/Xbox as stated on Wikipedia?)

Thank you…

(I have found this, only… How to build Lumberyard for consoles? , but I am looking for the process of making, like docs or tuts)

Hey @lokkkiii,

Here’s some info from our FAQ as this depends on if you are a licensed developer for console platforms, hope this helps!

Q: How do I get started with Xbox and PlayStation game development?
A: If you are a licensed Microsoft Xbox developer, please e-mail your name, studio name, and the licensed e-mail address to If you are a licensed Sony PlayStation developer, please visit SCE DevNet. Under the Middleware Directory click “Confirm Status” for Amazon Lumberyard.

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