Lumberyard for Mac?

I’m interested in game development and wanted to try out Amazon’s game engine Lumberyard. However I own a Mac and as of right now, Lumberyard is only for PC. Is Amazon going to release Lumberyard for the Mac?

Hey @CatfishPineapple! Thanks for your feedback - right now Lumberyard is PC only, but we’re taking all feedback into account. Especially in these early days working closely with the product team to let them know what our users are looking for - we hear you!

Hi - looks like this answer came through a while back. Any update on plans to support Mac?

Hey @NoahSlater, We’re still big fans of the Mac and hard at work over here, but have to ask you to be a little more patient - apologies for any inconveniences and thanks for your patience with this topic! :slight_smile:

Do you have any update about mac support ? Or a timeframe ? Thanks

How about now? Any update on a Mac version?