Lumberyard install error 0x80070666

This may not be the correct thread, but it’s the closest one I could find. On initial install I get this error. I have attached a screenshot of the error and the associated logs from the install. This was my first attempt at installing Lumberyard on this system. I am unable to determine the actual cause as there is not a previous install for me to remove.

5636-lumberyard-install-error.png5637-lumberyard-v11000-20170929231759.txt (26.9 KB)lumberyard-v11000-20170929231759.txt


The error refers to Visual Studio 2015 redist (x64). For some reason the Lumberyard setup tries to install it again and errors out. I uninstalled it and the setup works fine now.

Yikes — apologies for the troubles @yjovian. Thanks for sharing as well! :slight_smile:

eu siquer tenho o visual studio instalado, e mesmo asim estou tendo este problema