Lumberyard installing time progress

Thanks Amazon for what you offers on Games dev.

I have some points hope to be available in future of Lumberyard Engine

  • Why not do something like Unreal Engine UI Installer Dialog, contain all Engine versions downloading and all tutorials links (Text % Video) with Examples projects on manor of each skills(C++ , Flow Graph - Map - Effects - Animation - Textures …etc.)

  • Marketplace store. available within UI installer Dialog and links for website of Marketplace store.

  • upgrading amazon OS server from windows 2008 to latest with same components offers (I mean GRID server and others) and do Lumberyard sample projects used as virtual Image on your Servers services to be easy for developers to manage their projects on that Server and upgrade what needs.

  • Where is 2D tutorials and examples games on Lumberyard engine??


Hey @Leopard,

We appreciate you letting us know what matters most to you for the next iterations of Lumberyard. All of these points are really good feedback we can bring to the team. Expanding our tutorials to help educate users on how to use Lumberyard and its various systems is important to us, so it’s good to know that you’re also wanting more support around 2D and game samples. Thanks again for your feedback, and we hope you stay tuned for future updates!