Lumberyard Lua Tutorials

Hello Lumberyard Team. Just checked your official YouTube channel. Unfortunately I found no tutorials on how to use lua scripting with lumberyard . I know script canvas is an alternate option but I am the kind of person who prefers to write code instead of visual scripting . So I wish to see lua scripting with lumberyard tutorials.

Hi @Tanush, thank you for the interest in Lumberyard, we are planning a series of new video tutorials and will try to include Lua scripting as a topic. In the meantime you can find documentation regarding using Lua scripting for Lumberyard at Writing Lua Scripts - Lumberyard User Guide

Hope this helps.

I also have some on my channel but not much, is there anything specific you are looking for in lua or just general videos?

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Hello @TheDevShop . Does it cover all the general concepts of lua scripting in lumberyard?? . And will it work with the latest version 1.28 because I see it’s nearly 2 years old.

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Yea it will still work I got over alot of basics and high level stuff, at the time there was more interest in SC, but I will have more lua things on the channel soon


Thanks for the information ! @TheDevShop

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