Lumberyard UX Discussion | New Editor Experience

Hey game developers!

My name is Cameron Luck and I’m one of the User Experience
Designers on Lumberyard. We’re currently hard at work to make Lumberyard the
best possible tool for our customers and would love to show you a few of the
things we’ve been working on and get your feedback.

We’ve been re-thinking the design of Lumberyard with
usability and speed in mind, so that your workflows will be more comfortable
and easy to use while making sure you can achieve your most ambitious,
high-quality vision. As part of this process, we’ve established a core vision
to help guide our thinking as we move forward with the design of Lumberyard. We
aim to create the most powerful and easy-to-use game engine ever made by
leveraging a user-centered design process and focusing solely on you – the

The new Editor experience will be accompanied by
changes to the Component Entity system and its workflows to optimize the
experience of building re-usable gameplay objects. We’ve been making
improvements to the Outliner, Inspector, and Viewport to make your Component
Entity and Slice hierarchies much clearer and easier to work with. Below, I’ve
posted a few mockups of experiences we’ve been thinking about and would love to
get your feedback on.

These mockups are an example showing a new visualization of
Lumberyard’s Slice system. In the Outliner, Slices and Entities are signified
with color-coding, an accompanied icon language, and added connector lines to
help visualize where a Slice starts and stops as well as what’s connected to
it. What are your initial impressions of the direction we’re heading? Is there
anything you would like us to pay special attention to?

For everyone that will be at GDC, swing by the Lumberyard
booth and give me a shout. I’ll be there the whole week and will be running a
classroom session on some of the new changes coming in the future releases of
Lumberyard. Hope to see you there!

Very clean design, love it! I just downloaded 1.7 and saw a big difference in the UX visuals compared to v1.5. Keep at it, going in the right direction.

UX design is definitely a keeps great job to the team!

Would be nice to have -

Compact UI Mode (Those buttons look a little too spaced out for me)

Reduced window snapping (currently in Lumberyard, windows are way too eager to snap, and its really slowing down working in the editor)

Better Gizmos (They are a bit too sensitive when selecting Axis)

Better Camera UI (would be nice to have a better camera gizmo, and a representation of the camera in the viewport). It would also be great to have a better camera control panel, with Aspect Ratio, Focal Length Controls.


Whoa, looks really great! Do we have a opportunity to test it soon?

I would echo statements about window being too willing to snap although the eagerness isn’t a horrible sing I guess ;))ha

That would be one solid improvement indeed, and as seen here in you pics you’ve certainly undertaken a giant shift into UI/usability enhancement, and I think as others its incredibly proactive and smart.

I think once fbx is fixed for everyone, this will be a great start into the new LY experience.

  • Slices that diverge in some way (apart from root transform) from the saved slice needs to signal it visually.
  • Slices tagged as dynamic have to signal it visually.
  • A solo option to hide all but the selected elements and their children that overrides the actual hide/show state of entities in the ui but not changes. They needs to be multiple as I can select an entity i’m editing and a hierarchy representing an enviroment where I want to look at my entity while editing.
  • Option to fit the camera to selected objects with the proper zoom to encompass the selection entire bounding box.
  • Give the option to copy and paste an entity all over the hierarchy.
  • Give an option to show also the components in the hierarchy to delete copy and paste them in batch all over the hierarchy.
  • Wizard dialog that helps solving merging issues that may rise when Pasting if a component is just preset or incompatible.It could present possible actions based on previously made rules tuned for the most common use cases and your previous choices like what properties to copy if component just present, possibility to edit the object on the fly if it is incompatible(es removing the component that makes it incompatible).
  • Possibility to replace one or multiple entities with a slice file just retaining transformation.
  • Easy collapse entity and its children to a new slice.
  • Unslice entities so they are no more slice based(es in case of too many overrides to make a brand new slice not related to the previous one or to collapse slice dependency of some nested slices.
    I think that sandbox doens’t not only have to look smart but also behave in a smart way be more like a virtual assistant than a tool.

Thank’s @Gamely, these are some great suggestions.

Nice feedback @Cam.

Thanks @cajunctionAI!


I love the Compact UI idea! We were thinking of allowing you guys to right-click on the toolbar and choose between showing the text under the toolbars or not which would shrink the height of the toolbars by 24 pixels. Would that be what you’re looking for or would it be for horizontal space as well?

For the window snapping, we’ve been experiencing the same issue internally and have been working on a fix for that. Look out for that one soon.

I’ll be working on gizmos and Component controls (like the Camera Preview) very soon! If you have any other specific gizmos or controls you think would be helpful, definitely let me know and I’ll try to design something new for those.

I’ll check them out now. Thanks for signing up!

I signed for testing today by the link you have provided in a comment to provide further feedback.

Did you read my other requestes for the editor there:

Per property revert changes to default value at least display default value in label or tooltip.

Modern Color picker with Hdr float unconstrained values instead of 0-256 integers + multiplier.

Custom Snapping for Mouseweel instead of fixed one and special one for translation and rotation properties based on the relative snap

Thanks @Myouki! Sorry for the late response. I’ve been offsite working on new UX improvements!

If you’d like to be looped in to test new portions of the experience, sign up at this link here and you’ll be contacted when we run the next test. Thanks again!

@Gamely Thanks for the list! We agree 100% with your sentiment about the Editor behaving in smart ways that are comfortable to use.

We’ve been testing some of the ideas you have listed and will look into testing the additional ideas you provided as well.

Hey guys,

I saw a few comments around the window snapping and docking, so I wanted to give you a sneak peek of the changes we’ve been working on that will be live for GDC.

I’ve attached a few different GIFs below for a few of the different cases you could run into and how our new docking system handles those.

I’d love to get your feedback on the docking system as well!